HOA Meetings: How to Get More Homeowners to Attend More Board Meetings

HOA Meetings: How to Get More Homeowners to Attend More Board Meetings

Did you know that more than 350,000 communities are overseen by homeowners associations?

Regular HOA meetings are critical to the operation of a homeowners association. HOA board meetings allow members of a homeowners association to discuss their community and upcoming events.

Are you trying to get more homeowners to attend HOA meetings? Continue reading to learn more about attendance and engagement strategies.

Participation Matters

One of the best strategies to increase attendance at HOA meetings is to encourage homeowners to participate in the meetings. Let them be a part of the conversation and invite them to contribute ideas.

Your HOA's homeowners have unique skills and talents. Encouraging your homeowners to use them for the common good of the community is a win-win situation.

Homeowners in your HOA may feel strongly about certain community decisions and HOA meetings provide them with a chance to share their beliefs with fellow neighbors.

Announce HOA Meetings Well in Advance

When planning an HOA board meeting, it is essential to give homeowners plenty of notice before the meeting. Let them know the date and time of the meeting well in advance.

Inviting homeowners to a HOA meeting at the last minute is not an effective approach. Giving homeowners plenty of notice will allow them to prioritize the meeting in their schedule and plan around it.

Advertise HOA Meetings Accordingly

It is not only important to announce an HOA meeting in advance but to advertise it effectively through multiple channels. The main goal should be twofold:

  1. Make as many homeowners as possible aware of the meeting
  2. Explain to homeowners why it is in their best interest to attend the meeting

From flyers to social media posts to email marketing, utilize key channels to alert your homeowners of the meeting. Select what channels to focus on based on your homeowners' preference.

Pick A Convenient and Attractive Location

A core part of planning a HOA meeting is selecting a location. To increase attendance, it is critical that you select a convenient and attractive location for homeowners to gather at.

Homeowners do not want to travel far for a HOA meeting. If your community has a clubhouse or restaurant, this could be a great meeting spot.

Make HOA Meetings Fun

From including food and beverages to inviting a guest speaker, making HOA board meetings fun will entice more homeowners to attend. Share the agenda of the HOA meeting when you advertise it and try to incentivize homeowners to come.

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