6 Places to Eat on a Diet in or Near Upper Marlboro, MD

6 Places to Eat on a Diet in or Near Upper Marlboro, MD
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Many of the top resolutions for the new year have to do with eating healthy and losing weight. While we know it can be tricky to stick to New Year’s resolutions, we want to make it a little easier by offering a list of restaurants where you can get healthy dishes in and near Upper Marlboro, MD. But it will be up to you to choose the healthy choices over those tempting dishes on the menu (we believe in you!).

1. Tropical Smoothie Café at 7607 Robert, Crain Hwy Suite B110, Upper Marlboro

A wrap or salad may be your healthiest dish here. However, beware, extra calories can hide in dressings and condiments. Don’t forget the tasty smoothies they offer. You can look through the ingredients to find one that fits your specific diet needs. There are several great flavors. Now some of the ingredients might be a little higher in calories, if you’re counting (such as peanut butter and chocolate, but we won’t judge).

2. Marlboro Grille at 14606 Main St, Upper Marlboro, MD

If you’re visiting Marlboro Grille for breakfast, you could consider getting the wild caught salmon on top of spinach and eggs or the grilled chicken and spinach with eggs (you can substitute the home fries with grits or a sliced tomato). For lunch, they do offer a grilled chicken sandwich (or pita) as well as some “garden fresh salads.”

3. Nipseys FT Cheers at 301 at 5753 Crain Hwy, Upper Marlboro

They have a few options to choose from. There’s a small spring mix salad and grilled wings on their appetizer list. The wings are marinated, but they can be served without an additional sauce. If you opt for sauce, you might be able to request it on the side (if you’re concerned about added sugars or calories). On their “handhelds & baskets” menu, they do have a grilled wing basket as well. They also have a chicken sandwich (you can opt for grilled over fried). In addition, they offer a spring mix salad with chicken, salmon, wings, and shrimp on their “entrees & salads” menu. You have the option to choose grilled for shrimp and wings.

4. Fresh Green at 32 Watkins Park Dr, Kettering

Fresh Green offers a few prepared salads or they allow you to create your own. There are several toppings to choose from, making it easy to create something you’ll enjoy.

5. Asian Café at 5080 Brown Station Rd, Upper Marlboro

If you’re looking for Asian fare but you want something a little healthier, this café has you covered with their diet menu. You can pick through eight different items. Keep in mind these are served with sauces (brown, garlic, or white sauce). If you’re concerned about any extra calories the sauce may have, you may be able to ask if they can go light on the sauce. The rice that’s paired with these dishes is steamed (not fried).

6. Mrs. K’s Restaurant at 5909 Crain Hwy, Upper Marlboro

If you’re going for breakfast, you could build your own omelet or choose one of the lighter options such as the garden omelet. Keep in mind the omelets do come with home fries or grits and toast (so you may want a to-go container if you find it’s too much). During lunch they offer a side house salad option. They also have a grilled chicken breast deluxe. When ordering online, it’s easy to customize to your specific diet needs. Mrs. K’s also has a few salads on their menu such as the house salad and Greek salad (both offered with or without grilled chicken). Their dinner menu offers the option for baked chicken, if you’re looking to avoid something fried.

As you can see, just because you’re trying to eat healthier, doesn’t mean you have to eat at home every night. There are plenty of options for healthier choices when visiting a local restaurant. Keep in mind these are just suggestions based on generalized goals; you’ll have to determine what’s best for you and your nutritional needs. We wish you the best on your resolutions for 2023.

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